Thursday, January 27, 2011

Urban Ruins, Japanese Garden, Dog Hotel, Cargo, and Mannequins

These photos are from a walk Mary and I took the day before I turned 57. The urban ruins are on Clay around 6th in SE Portland. I think this is a perfect example of urban decay. Portland has one of the great Japanese gardens in the country -- perched on a hill and surrounded by huge trees. SNIFF the dog hotel was a wonderful surprise and I couldn't pass up the opportunity of taking a few photos, they have a cafe where you can sip your latte and watch the dogs play, a full service hotel, for all two and four leggers! CARGO is a great store in the Pearl District filled with wonders for the eyes. The mannequins in the window of BABETTE are just weird a bit of sci-fi meets S&M. There's lots to love in Portland!

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